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Jayden and Amaya were just 12 and 11-Years-Old when they became the youngest certified food truck owners in Memphis, Tennessee by creating their own business called “Kool Kidz Sno Konez.”

Their mom suggested that they try to make their own money and they both began to brainstorm ideas and eventually came up with producing their own snow cones.

They started out with just a table and an extension cord out front their home, Jaden and Amaya got some of their friends to wave signs on corners to attract customers.
Success came fast and over 2 summers they earned enough money that their Mom felt they could afford a food truck.

An ordinance in Memphis allows them to own and work out of the food truck. The food Truck met the Health Department standards and Jaden and Amaya are officially licensed business operators. They look forward to weather heating up as Spring approaches. Their goal is to have a franchise of Trucks and Shops so that when they get older they can work smart instead of having to work hard.

God, I love stories like this.